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Telugu Movie Based On The Impossible Love Story

Telugu Movie Based On The Impossible Love Story

Telugu movie industry, also known as Tollywood, is like a backbone to Indian cinemas as it is the second most flourishing movie industry after Bollywood. Telugu Industry gives immense competition to the glamorous Bollywood.

Sometimes Telugu industry produces more films in a year than Bollywood. These films are shot in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest film studio complex globally. Various Telugu actors and actresses are also awarded Guinness World Records for different categories. Various Telugu films have gained acknowledgement outside India as well. Many other Telugu language films are dubbed in other regional and local languages, including Hindi, to avoid the language barrier.

People from every corner can enjoy all the Telugu movies in the language they understand. The Telugu industry has been able to pull the attention of many local and non-locals and has been getting positive responses from everyone in recent years. Telugu films are inspiring as well as amusing. Several films are based on true stories, and the filmmakers are doing a great job in transferring the moral of those stories through visual and sound effects.

The use of visual effects and sound effects is tremendous. Viewers are always stunned to see the thrilling action scenes. Telugu Industry is also famous for its comedy movies. Due to the high demand for Telugu films, Telugu content is premiered on various OTT platforms like aha to watch new movies online. One such interesting movie to catch up with is Dirty Hari.

It is a 2020 Erotic/Thriller Telugu language film based on the 2005 Woody Allen’s classic psychological thriller film Match Point. It was released on 18th December 2020. The movie is written and directed by M.S.Raju, produced by Guduru Sateesh Babu and Guduru Sai Puneeth under SPJ Creations and HYLIFE Entertainment, starring Shravan Reddy, Ruhani Sharma, Simrat Kaur.

Shravan Reddy plays the role of Hari, a chess player. He’s lustful and a womanizer. He shifts to Hyderabad, intending to achieve something big. Ruhani Sharma plays the role of Vasudha, Hari’s wife and a painter by profession. She was Hari’s neighbour before the marriage. She likes doing charity, and Hari married her for her wealth. Simrat Kaur played Jasmine’s role, Hari’s friend and Akash’s girlfriend. She’s an upcoming actor and model. She is bold and fearless. Hari’s character is a misogynist who always passes disgusting comments on women.

Shravan’s performance as Hari is convincing, Simrat and Ruhani both doing justice to their roles. The story shows how Hari is torn between his wife and Jasmine. His greed for money and lust leave him in a dilemma, trying to unwind himself from all the confusions and web of lies created by him.

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You Can Watch OkeOkkadu Movie On Aha

You Can Watch OkeOkkadu Movie On Aha

OkeOkkadu is a super hit movie in telugu film industry. It’s a bold and very brave movie which gave an ideology to build honest political parties in the india. This movie is a telugu version of tamil movie Mudhalvan. The whole movie is about the chief minister and his works for the welfare of the state. Purushottam and Chowdary have a clash in the interview and challenge him to a chief minister for 24 hours. It’s the most interesting and crazy idea directed by Shanker. The biggest hit in all of their career. Do watch OkeOkkadu movie online and get the idea of what works chief minister does. Watch online movies free now on Aha.


The movie begins with Purushottam, he is a new reporter in a news channel called QTV. he is a very humble and respected human in the society. Chowdary is the chief minister of the tamilnadu state. One day a riot happens between students and others where there was violence. Chief minister asked the police to let them live, because they all belong to his section of the community. Purushottam records that and in mean while he falls in love with a beautiful village girl called Chandramukhi. But her father doesn’t agree for the marriage because he doesn’t have a government job. Later the story moves forward with Purushottam getting a chance to interview Chowdary. Purushottam tries to remove his mask of fakeness and puts reality to the public that this chief minister did not do anything for the welfare of the state; he got lots of money. So Chowdary Challenges Purushottam to be chief minister for 24 hours. After a deep think, he accepts the challenge and becomes the first 24 hours chief minister. He does alot of good work just in a span of 24 hours and the public gets impressed by his bold and brave work. A Shocking rivalry begins between Purushottam and Chowdary where it leads to violence and raises a political party. Watch the movie to know if  chowdary plans work out and will Purushottam become chief minister?

Technical Aspects:

  • The best thing about this movie is its story! The emotional and political story which was extremely fearless.
  • The cinematography of the Okeokkadu was amazing! It was all new and very nice to watch as an audience.
  • Music of this movie will be cherished forever. They are extremely beautiful and you will never forget them.
  • Triggering dialogues. They soo sharp and on point that people could understand the movie faster.

Artist Performance:

  • Arjun is a wonderful actor.
  • Manisha was just beautiful as her attitude
  • Raghuvaran was heroic in this own way.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Arjun

Actress: Manisha Koirala

Other Actors: Raghuvaran, Vadivelu, Manivannan

Director: Shankar

Producer: S. Shankar, R. Madhesh

Music director: A. R. Rahman

Cinematographer: K. V. Anand

Editor: B. Lenin, V. T. Vijayan

Other Information:

Genre: Political Action Thriller

Released on: 7  November 1999

Runtime: 178 minutes

Budget: ₹200 million

Box office: ₹560 million

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